Welcome to my blog

I don’t recall how many times I’ve started a blog in my life.  It has to be several dozen times.  Each time I’ve found myself starting and either forgetting about it, getting busy, or simply being overwhelmed about trying to make it perfect the first time.  This time is different.  I have a new philosophy.   First, I’m going to blog about things I’m interested in and things that happen to me throughout the day.  Think of it as a bit of running commentary.  You’ll either agree with me, or not, like what I have to say, or not.  Please feel free to comment and let me know what you think.  But be respectful.  It is very rare in my life that I’m disrespectful of others, but I do have some opinions…and this blog will be a way for me to share those opinions on things.  There was a radio broadcaster on the local Sports Talk station KNBR over the past few years, and I don’t know if he is still working there.  But he had a slogan that I think is appropriate here. “Often wrong, seldom in doubt”.  I suppose that’s the type of voice I hope to create here.  Although I’ll shoot for not being wrong, there is little doubt that I will be sometimes.  But at least I’ll come at it with conviction.

Second, I realized that I need a place to chronicle my thoughts and emotions.  This is more of a new need for me, because now my wife is pregnant.  It got me thinking about how I learned to be the man I am.  Where did I pick up my ideas, my values, and how was I taught?  I wish I could go back and ask my father about his thoughts and feelings when he learned that I was going to be born.  But he passed away 8 years ago…when I wasn’t even thinking about kids at all, and hadn’t formulated these questions, these tough questions, in my mind yet.  It is the one regret I have with my father…that I didn’t have him long enough to learn from him once I became a father myself.  I think it will be interesting, and I hope valuable one day, for my currently unborn child to have a diary of sorts to read about his/her dad, and all the experiences I went through.  Maybe, if I’m gone by the time my kid has kids of his or her own, they would find my advice useful too. This will be useful to me personally as well.  I think I need to get a handle on what I believe in, and who I am as a person.  I need to understand what I’m all about so I can move forward effectively in life.

And lastly, I think from a career perspective it is important to put your thoughts down on paper this blog and build a body of work, perhaps even a small following who consider you an expert in your field.  To do this, I’ll need to really think about the business topics about which I want to write.  I’ll need to structure my thoughts and present them coherently.  It will be excellent practice for everything I do at work.  I’m also very excited to hear my readers (should there be any!) responses, arguments, and theories.  Hopefully listening to them will help me evolve too. I hope eventually to add video, photos, and tweets about my life as well as links to articles and sites that I find important and fascinating. I suppose this is the long way of saying, this will be a blog about nearly anything and everything and could go in many different directions.  I hope you like it, and more to the point, I hope I like and enjoy the process.  Because isn’t that what it’s all about?

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