My Mad Men Self

I’m a big fan of AMC’s Mad Men. I’ve caught every episode and thoroughly enjoyed each and every one of them. For a while I thought Don Draper was my hero. Then I realized how completely and totally pathetic and screwed up he was…and he wasn’t my hero. Then I realized that each and every one of us struggles with some form of what Don struggles with. Secrets, outward confidence but internal anxiety and self esteem issues, relationship problems, and work conflicts affect each and every one of us, even if they aren’t always obvious to those who see you day to day.
When I realized that I too have issues like these, although not nearly at the grand level of intensity suffered by Mr. Draper, I realized that all the people I work with and live with have these issues. That made dealing with them on a day to day basis much easier. It is much easier to forgive episodes I once stamped as “stupid” or “idiotic” and much easier to let slide mistakes. It’s made life easier to live. While Don Draper isn’t exactly a role model, the character resonates with each of us because we each see ourselves in him somewhere.

Oh, and the show is pretty gripping drama as well. Even after four full seasons.

I also love the sets and the scenery. Set in the early 1960s, I see so much of what I grew up with in the early 1970s. Corded telephones on the wall of the kitchen with a cord so long you can go down the basement stairs to get some privacy while talking to your girlfriend. Wood paneling out the wazoo! Smoking everywhere, great old cars, record players, tape recorders (I remember spending hours with a reel to reel tape recorder I found in our attic when I was in 2nd grade). The roles the men and women played in society were similar too. While not perfect, it sure was nostalgic (even if I missed the era the show depicts by 6 or 8 years).


That’s also why I’m drawn to things like the web app that let’s you draw yourself as a Mad Men character. My profile pic is currently a headshot from this app. Here is another one too. It’s kind of what I imagine it would have been like to have lived in the age of Mad Men.

What do you think about the show Mad Men? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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