New Relic and MSFT Sharepoint, perfect together @newrelic

When we, at New Relic, were looking at building an agent to help .Net customers monitor their application performance in much the same way as our Java and Rails customers, we also thought about major pieces of the .Net application frameworks that were commonly used and, sadly, often had performance issues. Sharepoint was high on the list. After working on instrumentation for Sharepoint for a while, we added monitoring of Sharepoint “out of the box” with all subscription levels of New Relic RPM ( The result is that any of our customers who are deploying Sharepoint as part of their application can use RPM to monitor its performance and get an idea of how it’s performing, and why it may be slow.

Here is a real user example:


We think this is really useful. Even better, it installs without assistance from New Relic! Talk about easy. Still better yet, it works with our Free RPM Lite product. So…easy to use, deep visibility into production running Sharepoint based applications, dead simple to install, and free? Woah!

Our users think so too. Here’s a blog from Er Chan, in the UK. I’ve never met him, but apparently he likes what he sees out of RPM.

Check it out! And thanks, Er Chan, for your kind words!

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