Fear the Beard! Show your support and Beardify your Facebook Profile

Ah Brian Wilson, enigmatic closer of the New York San Francisco Giants.  And inventor of “The Machine” and the worst beard in all of sports.  Yes, you Jets fans though Braylon Edwards’ beard was bad?  It’s not.  Take a look at how his beard has progressed:

 First a mostly clean shaven Brian Wilson


Next, Brian points to his Chin.  “I’m going all Chia Pet on your #*$&#”


 Next, he shows us that his beard will become as black as that thing he is holding.


And finally, Brian in full FEAR THE BEARD form.  This is the reason they made the World Series.

And so, everyone who wants the Giants to win should FEAR THE BEARD and show their support by Bearding their Facebook Profile.  And it’s easy too!  Thanks to TechCrunch who pointed this out.  http://apps.facebook.com/beardifier/  The Brian Wilson Giants Beardifier.  Here is my profile picture.  It even beardified my wife (a bit weird if you ask me).



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