A Posterous, for the most of us.

“I went to buy a doll for my son. I reached for the last one they had…but so did another man. As I rained blows upon him I realized there had to be another way! (what happened to the doll) it was destroyed. But out of that, a new holiday was born. A Festivus for the rest of us!”

I think this is basically how I have felt over the years about blogs, blogging tools, and blog posting. Every time I set out to create a blog, I’d spend hours setting up the CSS (I’m not good at coding), configuring my domain, and finally after all that, getting ready to post something. Anything. But I never had anything to say by that point. I felt, like George’s dad, as though I should rain blows down upon my blog and blogging tools. Beat it into submission just so I, like seemingly everyone else in the tech industry, could have an interesting blog where I could let my thoughts be known to the world. I thought over and over to myself…”There has to be another way!”. I think that’s what the good folks at Posterous thought too. Yes, “out of that a new [blogging platform] was born”. A Posterous for the most of us!

One of my high school friends sent me a note a week or two ago to which I’ve been delinquent in responding.
She wrote:

“Heya mate,

Just wondering what you’re thinking about posterous? i saw your blog the other day and loved it, and am thinking about trying to get started – much like you said – for the nth time…

Any advice / notes on Posterous?”

Any advice? Come with me while I get my Festivus pole out of the crawl space. While we’re down there I’ll tell you why I’m loving Posterous as a blogging platform:

1. Easy Setup – It took me very little time to tell Posterous which accounts it should cross-post to. I’d say I could count the time in minutes rather than hours. While there were very few templates (about 20) for look and feel, the ones they had were clean and beautiful, and largely free. Choosing one wasn’t hard, and adding it was even easier. I was up and posting within 30 minutes.

2. Easy Posting – For me this is the best part of Posterous. I live in email. I check email on my phone, at home, at work. I type in email all day long (in fact I wrote this post in my email client). Why is that important? Because that’s how posts get to Posterous. Email. I write an email, send it to post@posterous.com (after verifying my email address the first time) and KABLAM. I have a nicely formatted post in Posterous. It works with my work flow. It works with my life. I don’t need a separate tool. Although I was wondering how to attach and position media to my posts…until I tried it. Then I found out that….

3. Media Posting – ….it was simple. I just literally attach any pictures I want to post to my email. They get auto formatted into a nicely sized web photo. If I attach multiple photos? Boom. Gallery style. If I don’t want Gallery Style? I just type ((no gallery)) in the subject line of the email. The photos show up exactly where I attached them in Mail.app (or whatever email client you are using). Include a link? It gets formatted the right way. Include a video link to youtube? It shows up as an embedded video. No muss, no fuss, and although it doesn’t also make Julienne Fries, it basically does everything else.
4. Cross-Posting – And it posts everything I want to wherever I want it. If I want to post to my blog, Twitter, and Facebook (like with this post), I send to post@posterous.com. If I want to send to Twitter…you guessed it “twitter@posterous.com“. Twitter and Facebook but not my blog? “twitter+facebook@posterous.com“. Oh my oh my it is so simple. And hey, it even formats your tweet for you. It uses your subject line as the text in the tweet and adds a link to your posterous for the content. Nice. Never worry about 140 characters again.

4. Blog Posting for those of us who want to write more than Twitter will let us, but less than a real blog article, on a regular basis. This is a big deal. I don’t often have time to write huge blog posts, much like I never had time in school to really care about writing more than a 5 paragraph essay. But I often have more to say than I can fit into a Tweet. What’s a guy to do? Posterous. It fits neatly between professional Blog and Twitter, but let’s you take advantage of the best of both through cross posting. And let me tell you, more people read my blog because of cross posting than any other reason. Facebook in particular is fantastic for getting the word out to people who will give your blog a shot, because they are friends and family. And now, the “Airing of the Grievances”: The only problem I have with Posterous is that I didn’t know about it sooner. Yes, I know, my fault, but frankly I think they haven’t done a good job explaining themselves to the world at large. Unless you run across someone using Posterous and ask them, you may never hear about it. Or if you do? You think (as I did) “another web 2.0 technology I’ll never use”. You’ll be wrong. You’ll use it. You’ll love it.

So, in conclusion, go to the crawlspace, pull out the Festivus pole, prepare for the Feats of Strength, the Airing of the Grievances, and never go back to those other traditional blogging platforms again.

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