I want to be rich, let’s build a web startup!

There is so much right with the video above. By that I mean, every word out of each player’s mouth is truth. One the one hand, it is true that if your startup goes viral, you could very well be the next Google. It is true that if you get millions of users, you can possibly end up with dozens of private jets. But more to the point, it is true that for every Facebook, Google, and Twitter, there are thousands of ideas that sound really cool, that just aren’t that interesting. How many times have you gone to a site, said “boy this is neat” and then never gone back…and in fact, how many website addresses can you name for sites like that? I know for me, I’ve gone to dozens in the last year…and probably remember… oh ZERO.

Building a startup like the woman in the video is energizing. The feeling that nothing can stop you is amazing. Building a startup like the guy in the video can be a bear. A focus on revenue, persistence, incremental improvement, and making a few customers extremely happy, isn’t flashy. But it’s how I’ve had success.

I wish it would work both ways….

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