New Relic and Groupon – When performance is Top of Mind!

Everyone knows Groupon (  Even my wife knows Groupon (although to be honest, she seems to be more tech savvy than me sometimes!).  It’s a great way to find fantastic deals in your area, once a day, every day.  Apparently it is, according to Forbes, also the single fastest growing startup company in history.

All in all Groupon is a great success story!  But I’m happy to say, I’ve been a small part of that success.  That’s because my company, New Relic, is a key to their engineering success.  Groupon uses our product, RPM, to constantly monitor the Groupon application, ensuring that when load on the application suddenly increases 100x because of a “Gap Groupon”, their site will still perform smoothly.  What’s more, we are so ingrained in their culture now that they have monitors above their desks that show the New Relic Dashboards constantly, so their team can always have an eye on how well their application is servicing their customers.  

We were fortunate enough that Groupon was willing to talk about their use of RPM with us.  I think you’ll find it fascinating.

Chalk up another big success for Application Performance Management…and @newrelic!

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