The One, The Only: The Mighty EBAs Chicken Sandwich

Let me take you back to college.  You’ve all had this experience…
Late night out carousing with friends at a party
Stumble home…sure there was alcohol, but not enough that you couldn’t eventually figure out which dorm was yours, which floor you were on, and how to open the door.
Sure, you walked into someone else’s room….three times.

But you made it.

And man, despite the fact that you had dinner just over 9 hours ago at 6pm at the dining hall, you are simply famished.

But what to do?  Everything is closed?  How do you satisfy that craving for something hot, crispy, crunchy, greasy, chicken-y, and just all over yummy goodness?


NOTE: THIS IS NOT AN EBA’s CHICKEN SANDWICH, NOR DOES IT PLAY ONE ON TV.  I was unable to find an EBAs Chicken Sandwich Photo on Google, adding to the sandwich’s mythic status.

Well, what I did, and many many other Dartmouth students did, was pick up the phone and dial 6-4-3-6-1-3-5 to reach EBA’s (Everything but Anchovies) in Hanover, NH.  And the good people there…awake and cooking on a Saturday night at 2 or 3am would make me the most delicious sandwich I’ve ever had…to this day.  I suppose the level of goodness has been magnified in my mind over the years, growing into mythic legend.  For my money the best sandwich ever is the EBAs chicken sandwich.  This one:

Straight from the EBA’s Menu:

The EBA Chicken Sandwich—The original! 8.29 Golden fried chicken breast served on a Portuguese muffin with your choice of cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise.”

Oh how I long for one of these.

But living on the left coast, I’m just not able to get them.  I can’t really even make them here because for the life of me, I can’t get the same yummy toasted Portuguese Muffins on which the chicken was delivered.  Nor do I know the undoubtedly Fort Knox level security secret to the recipe of the sauce that was slathered all over the chicken breast.  Perhaps it is the 

“terroir” of the Dartmouth Campus, the White River, and the volume of beer spilled on the ground over the years that has affected the very essence of such a sandwich to that it can no longer be made elsewhere. 
Whatever.  The fact is, I miss it.  And I want one.  And well, I can’t even find a picture of this phantom sandwich on Google, the keeper of all information.  So…

I’d like to propose a the following challenge to my fellow Dartmouth Students.

The first Dartmouth student who reads this…and sends me a photo of an honest to God, fresh out of the EBA’s Box, EBA’s Chicken Sandwich, and their dartmouth email address, will receive from me a sum of $16.58.  Not only will this pay for the sandwich with which you took the photo.  But it will let you give one to a friend to enjoy as well.  Although…frankly, if it was me, and I had access to an EBAs Chicken Sandwich after a night out?  I’d lock the door and eat them both!

6 thoughts on “The One, The Only: The Mighty EBAs Chicken Sandwich

  1. Last year I went back to Dartmouth to conduct a recruiting session for @newrelic. I figured the surefire way to attract more attendees was free food. Most recruiters would do something like Pizza, but my yearning for the EBAChix won me over. I ordered 50 chicken sandwiches. Many leftovers were taken back to Sigma Nu. None survived the night.


  2. Wow, instant craving. But that photo isn’t the EBAs ChixSand I remember. I don’t recall any ketchup and definitely not on a plate: always in a metal takeout container with a paper top…


  3. Agreed, and also traditionally with chips, not fries. I agree, kind of odd staging, but that’s definitely the right sandwich in the photo.


  4. For left coasters, you can sorta-kinda approximate these at The Counter (n.b. for those unfamiliar: a “build your own burger” chain ). They offer english muffins as a bun-alternative, and chicken/provolone/bacon on the english muffin isn’t bad. Not the same, but as close as I’ve seen on that side of the country.


  5. We found this on google and LOVE IT! Please email your address Serbocro and we will send you a package of the muffins as is it very unlikely that the entire sandwich would make it there….

    EBAs, Hanover, NH


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