Everyone wants a bomb squad robot designed to go into hazardous situations and clear explosives so that humans don’t have to do it.  I imagine these robots are really really expensive and difficult to operate.  

Here in the San Francisco area, apparently budget cuts are really hitting home on the bomb squad.  Sure, sure…they HAVE a robot.  They just got the Klutzy cousin of the robots in this article…you know, the real fabulous, life saving, super robots that do exactly what people would never do… 




I mean seriously,  look at that thing.  Diffusing some terrorist car bomb, probably in the middle of a plaza filled with orphans, single moms, and lambs.  That is GOOD STUFF!!

But as I mentioned, we, here in the bay area, didn’t get that robot…oh ho ho no.  We got this one:




Yep, that’s right.  In it’s moment of Glory.  There is the SF Bomb Disposal Robot, doin’ what it does best…





and this comes of course…..


AFTER DROPPING A BAG OF GRENADES ON THE STREET and letting them roll down the hill.


(thanks to Mission Mission for the great post on this which you can read here in it’s entirety including watching the full video)


Sheesh.  I applaud our police and our bomb squad who have no doubt gotten me out of numerous “explosive” scenarios of which I wasn’t the least bit aware… but hey.  Easy on the joystick.  That’s live ammo you’ve got there.




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