NewRelic Ad campaign? How to get our message across even faster.

I recently started to ponder how I could easily explain New Relic to my friends and family who may have no idea about web applications, Application Performance Management (APM), or any type of management technology. It isn’t an easy problem…and it usually devolves into 15 minutes of circular discussion trying to level set on their amount of technical awareness, identification of some appropriate analogy, and follow up correcting misperception.

Often, this ends in frustration for me.

Always, it ends with the non-technical person giving up and saying something like “Oh, OK, I get it… did you see the ball game last night?”

Then it suddenly struck me. Perhaps I don’t need to explain in detail what New Relic does or why I spend all my waking hours working hard to make that company a huge success. Maybe… Just maybe…a Spokesperson would get the message across better.  I mean, who amongst you didn’t race out to buy more Hanes underwear when you realized that Michael Jordan wears Hanes?  I know I did (although it didn’t make me jump any higher..and I still can’t shoot a three pointer).  Who amongst you didn’t leap into action and stock up on vast quantities of Colt 45 Malt Liquour when you found out that Billy Dee Williams nee Lando Calrisian of Starwars fame drank it regularly with the Ladies!  Seriously, perhaps we need a spokesperson for New Relic.

The Spokesperson must be someone my friends know and trust so completely, the spokesperson could simply tell them that HE uses New Relic…and therefore so should they. They would then be so interested, they would simply learn about our products for themselves. If the spokesperson were interesting enough and could convey the sense of “what? Everyone else in the world uses this already? Where in God’s name have I been?” then my job would be done…and we’d have another happy customer, or at least, another person who buys into what we are doing. 

I present you with my proposed spokesperson and a sample of a web awareness campaign. Re-introducing: The worlds most interesting man.


Wow, where the heck have I been? I want to be interesting like that guy… Maybe New Relic is for me! And I’ll take a beer too.

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