RC Helicopter, My Aunt Fannie

A few weeks ago, New Relic (@newrelic) had a promotion test to see if we could entice a number of folks who had signed up for our product but never deployed the agent to actually take the step and deploy.  Our marketing team decided to try three different “give aways” to those on the list who deployed by the end of the month.  Here were the three choices:


We all took bets on which would be the favorite.  All were worth approximately the same dollar value.

The clear winner was the Helicopter.  By a landslide.  I think we had 2 or 3 responses to each of the Coffee and the iTunes card, but literally hundreds of responses to the Helicopter offer.

It was such a strong response that I figured we needed to up the ante.  I am going to suggest to Marketing that anyone who buys a $10,000 monthly New Relic subscription, by the end of September gets the following gift:

Now THAT would be cool.

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