My Son, iMovie and the Facebook Thought Police

The other day my wife took a great video of my son playing on his little electric keyboard. It’s one of those keyboards that when you hit the “playback” button, plays Polly Wolly Doodle and other classic American favorites designed to make the child squeal with glee, and make the parents rue the day that batteries were invented.

The video was particularly funny because Holden was not only jamming, but dancing, with his Scooter Helmet on his head. It was reminiscent of the Harlem Shake.

So what’s a Dad to do?

Minor copyright infringement apparently.

I went to iTunes and bought a copy of Harlem Shake and then added it to the video with a number of really cheesy video effects (since I don’t have hundreds of people in costume to do the second part of the shake). I laughed and laughed for hours while I tried to learn how to use iMovie. It’s not the easiest or most intuitive thing in the world. Still, I was happy with the results and after a few hours and late at night…I posted my creation to Facebook.

Within minutes it was deleted by the Facebook thought police. And soon after I got an email from them indicating that I was in violation of copyright…and that I best not do it again or they’d get really nasty with me.

Nevermind that the entire reason the Harlem Shake made it to number one was because people did what I did…and created a meme out of it, and never mind that apparently the creator of the Harlem Shake is actually being sued for copyright infringement for using unauthorized samples from other artists. My little video that would be seen by a handful of friends is contraband.

Too bad that they can’t stop me from posting it on my BLOG… and linking to facebook. So all you Facebook friends? Here it is. Without further Adieu…My son. The Harlem Shake DJ.

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