A change will do you good


I haven’t been very active on this blog recently for lots of reasons.

First, in October 2013, my family welcomed a bouncing baby girl. She’s grown fast and is already walking and talking and seemingly way ahead of where we thought she would be. She is a climber, ferocious when she wants to be, fiery, affectionate, funny, and beautiful. She’s a strong red head and brought yet another dimension to our lives.

She also has taken the remaining moments of my energy and spare time!

Then in June/July of 2014, I switched roles at New Relic. I was asked/given the opportunity to leave business development and enter the fledgling but fascinating world of Customer Success. I jumped at the chance to take on a more customer facing, operational, and larger remit role. I believe strongly it moves my career ahead giving me amazing opportunity to learn, grow, and define the role at not just New Relic but also the Customer Success industry generally. I’m having a ball running support, services, education, account management, measurement, and renewals.

So I suspect there will be a change to this blog, starting with its name. Cloudy with a chance of BD seems a bit antiquated at this point, doesn’t it? So…name pending we move rapidly forward, a little older, perhaps a bit wiser, but with some amazing times to come.

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